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About Us

The Vision Train Station is a hub for creative culture building and exchange. 

Starting in 2020 with the Global Art Jam launch on March 24th, artists from around the world volunteer to become conductors and take turns hosting Trips such as art classes, listening to books, podcasts & music while creating together on the same repeating Zoom meeting in a creative supportive environment.

The Vision Train aims to ignite the visionary in everyone and provide safe space to draw out the vision, linking them into a story that will lead us towards a future we are proud to pass on.


The Vision Train is a collective of multi-disciplinary artists committed to using art as a tool for transformation.

Board the international creative space station, meet other creatives, share your visions and expand your skills in a decentralized community committed to supporting personal and collective development for a world that works 100% for all.


Together we are creating the longest and most colorful Train ever made. As we find and support each other to draw, write, dance, sing out our visions, we are manifesting them into the Train that will carry the next biggest party on planet earth. 

Leaving a trace of awesome we will go back on the tracks that took us to the end of the western frontier on a journey of regeneration, reconciliation and remembrance.